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Watch: Black Lives Matter Mob Attacks Counter Protestor with Megaphone

Last updated on October 1, 2020 11:01pm EDT

Watch the video below to see exactly how the angry mob reacted: (Warning – Disturbing Audio)

On Saturday June 27th, an organization known as Recall Mayor Andrew Ginther held a protest event at Columbus City Hall to gather signatures for a petition to remove the Mayor. This was the first “Launch Event” of their movement which is focused on removing Columbus, Ohio Mayor Andrew Ginther because of breaking his promise not to use tear gas on Black Lives Matter protestors, and other far more serious conflicts of interest.

The petition calls for Mayor Andrew Ginther to be recalled by the electorate. It requires 15,000 signatures within the next five days or so before it can be officially put on the ballot for November. The petition was started on June 9th. The petition does not appear to be an authentic attempt to remove the mayor given the brief time the petition has been circulating.

Mayor Andrew Ginther is a Democrat, so naturally I thought this group wanted to remove him because of his Sanctuary City policies. After doing extensive research on the organizers, I discovered that they were being run by the Democrat-owned Action Network. This platform gives Democrats the ability to start a website, email list, and donations portal (using a democrat-run portal call actBlue) for a monthly fee.

Thanks to the investigative work of Millie Weaver, we have been able to confirm three separate campaigns utilizing this platform: The Sunrise Movement, Black Lives Matter, and Repeal Mayor Ginther. Most notably, donations to Joe Biden’s campaign are also made using the same actBlue portal that the Action Network product utilizes. An extensive investigation of their operations is further warranted, especially as it relates to the handling of data collected by Joshua Clark, founder of the Recall Ginther movement.

I felt that there may be some synergy between Democrats and Republicans to remove this ineffective and corrupt mayor Andrew Ginther. They only needed 15,000 signatures, I thought I would come by their booth and check out what they had going on. Perhaps have some healthy discussion about Sanctuary City policies which have been a major talking point against this mayor by Republicans.

Unfortunately, when I arrived I was met by “No Justice, No Peace”, “I Can’t Breathe” chants and a crowd about 4 times larger than the one I had scoped out before parking. There was only one thing I could do…speak my mind and see if they would be receptive to it.

They were not. The Black Lives Matter crowd roared and charged after me, turning extremely violent. My life was in danger.

Fortunately I survived only scythed by my own hunting knife, which was legally and lawfully secured on the outside of my belt. The knife had to be visibly drawn to ward off most of the incoming assault. As the attack continued, I was forced to threaten the attackers with deadly force. Luckily their leaders, when noticing the seriousness of the situation ordered the crowd to “stand down” via a megaphone, at which point I repeated the order using my own. Finally, as soon as I had left the block I was circled by more intellectual beings who tried to obtain a photograph and name in exchange for returning my dropped cell phone.

Suddenly, all of the destruction and violence I had seen on the news for weeks became tangible and real. I had previously thought that perhaps it was Antifa causing all of this mayhem, but the above video clearly shows members from Black Lives Matter, attacking a man for his beliefs on sanctuary cities – even when those beliefs would benefit their own cause if they had just welcomed me. This is what race-based politics does to us, it divides us. They will never get enough signatures to recall the mayor, but if they had not affiliated themselves with the democrat party (and violent BLM) they could have brought on many more supporters for their cause.

I am still very curious why a Democrat-run group would try to unseat a Democrat mayor, especially one who has already granted so many of their wishes: Removal of Christopher Columbus Statue, Sanctuary City EO, Police Reforms and even permitting the police chief to try a “light approach” with protestors, and kneeling before them.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, there may be illegal data collection and sharing occurring between BLM and Recall Ginther campaigns given they are operating on the same platform and seem to share interests. Their petition states that people who sign it must become registered voters, so I can only guess they had voter registration forms on hand. There are a lot of plausible reasons why a democrat would start a petition with only 30 days to acquire about 15,000 signatures, and hook it to a seemingly unrelated news story. There is no statute in Ohio limiting the amount of time a petition can circulate, so why start it so late? It is said that if Republicans can obtain at least 20% of the black vote, they will win the election.

In conclusion, I have learned from this experience that in the year 2020, civility and free speech are not valued in our society. I’ve learned that in order to have free speech you will require your own army in the current political environment, and that tribal culture has been produced by the Democrat’s incessant identity politics.

I am energized, not intimidated, but I will never step in front of an angry mob of knowingly violent people and incite them like that ever, ever again.

The future for our research on this topic will focus on the organizational structure of these movements, their conflicts of interest, funding and fundraising techniques, data collection and sharing as well as a broader probe involving Columbus City Council’s role in supporting these violent mobs.

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