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Barack Obama on the Payroll List of China Communist Party (CCP)

Last updated on October 27, 2020 6:56pm EDT

Source: Himalaya Singapore

In 2008, the young Obama ran for President of the United States . As a young politician, he was full of energy to make some changes. However , he was not in good relationships with various political forces in Congress. Joe Biden was an veteran politician who had been in the Washington for more than two decades. Therefore, Obama chose Biden as the vice presidential candidate, and won two US presidential elections in 2008 and 2012.

Now Joe Biden is running for 2020 new president campaigns. Former President Obama supports Joe Biden’s presidential campaign openly . He praised Joe Biden for being compassionate, respecting others, and honed in his ill-fated life.

It looked like Obama and Joe Biden had established a very good personal friendship with each other during the eight years of cooperation in White House. But recently as Hunter Biden’s “Hard Drive Gate” continues to develop, the dirty deal between Obama and the Biden family was also revealed .

Hunter Biden’s “Hard Drive Gate” revealed that the Biden family obtained huge wealth from the CCP by betraying the United States. Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, as the direct person took charge of the corruption trade with the CCP since 2012. From one of the disclosed emails, the person named after “Big guy” held 10% of the shares in the joint venture between Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist Party. It was later proved that this “Big guy” was Joe Biden. In another disclosed email, Joe Biden discussed outrageous acquisitions with “Mr. O.”  People believed that Mr. O was likely to be Barak Obama. Joe Biden’s corruption with the CCP involved a large amount of selling out US interests to the CCP. It would be difficult to achieve the purpose without Obama’s consent.

On October 26, the @Ludemedia disclosed a photo of Obama and Hunter Biden in the Oval Office of the White House. The photo was taken on April 4, 2016, when Hunter Biden was in the Oval Office of the White House talking to Obama about the South China Sea Militarization and other issues including disclosure of CIA Chinese spies and related arms sales to the CCP. Hunter Biden requested that Obama should not interfere in a series of matters such as the CCP ‘s militarization in South China Sea , and finally obtained Obama’s consent. Then 26 hours later, the CCP remitted $1 billion to an account of the company controlled by Hunter Biden after Hunter Biden sent email to the CCP attached with the photo . We didn’t know how much this money was transferred to Obama’s account .

This photo was obtained from Hunter Biden’s computer. According to LuDe Media, this photo was taken by someone in White House controlled by Joe Biden. Besides that photo, there was also a video recording all talks between Hunter Biden and Obama . Without Obama’s awareness, Biden and his son were able to secretly take photos and videos in the offices of While House. The purpose of the Biden is nothing more than to learn from the CCP to use these evidences to control Obama, and sell American interests to the CCP, in exchange for a huge amount of money to the Biden’s family.

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  1. Brad Brad February 3, 2021 2:25pm EST

    TRUE americans will make SURE these vile sex-addict scum bags are PROSECUTED, FINED, REMOVED FROM ALL GOVT POSITIONS & PAYROLL!!!

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